Coming Attractions

Last week’s PA support group was so successful, I’d like to make it a regular thing. I’m inclined to hold it at a different location every month, so if it’s not close to you this time, it might be next time. What do you think? Where should we go next?

Also, I’ll probably be starting the podcast Kickstarter campaign on the 23rd. It’ll be a combination launch party/networking event. (I’m hoping the intoxication will make it more likely that you’ll donate.)

I’ve already got some interesting guests lined up. They come from different departments, with a range of experience. It should be informative for both newbies and old timers.

I hope you’re as excited about Crew Call as I am. It’s going to take a bit of work cranking them out on a weekly basis, but I’m definitely up for the challenge.

I’m working on creative rewards for backers, as well: a limited edition “Who Is T.A.P.A?” t-shirt, which you can only get through the campaign; a TAPA USB drive, loaded with an entire season’s worth of unedited interviews; I’ll even let you pick the guests!

What sort of rewards would you like to see?

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3 Responses

  1. jobs! lol

    but really, just having consistent get togethers is nice. I didn’t make the first one due to work but it would be nice to be able to meet other PAs. Since we all work the same type of hours it will be nice to hang with people on the same schedules, make it easier to delve into the social world out here.

    you could always give out free resume help for a good donation backer, or maybe you could even see if some grip/elec./expendables/camera/office companies want to donate stuff to the cause and you can give it out to backers for “higher” donations – in return for the ‘company’s’ donation to the kickstarted campaign you are willing to do periodic shout-outs in your podcasts in return for their donations.

    (I’m tired and worn down so I hope that made sense)


  2. A great location would be New Orleans! I know, most of you are in LA. But I would be curious to see how many follow TAPA from New Orleans and Atlanta. We are suddenly a huge part of the industry down here.

    Thanks, TAPA, for all you do.

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