Some of you may have noticed, advertisements have started popping up on the TAPA blog.

I resisted it for a long time, largely because I didn’t want to think of this site as a job. That being said, I’m broke, so I’m selling out. 🙂

I’ve put one adsense box on the main page, and a couple more on the UTA Joblist. These ads are generated by Google, and I have not selected them at all. Do not take the appearance of any adsense advertisement as an endorsement by me. (That being said, every time you click on it, I get money, which helps me pay for the domain, hosting, and all that crap.)

There is one ad that I am endorsing, that of the Hollywood Survival Guide. Many people have emailed me over the years, asking if I would promote their product. I’ve turned them all down.

But then the Hollywood Oracle emailed me about his ebook. It sounded basically like the TAPA blog, but condensed into book form. I told him I wouldn’t advertise it unless I could read it first. I like to believe you guys trust me, and I wouldn’t want to abuse that trust by promoting something I didn’t believe in.

(Also, I didn’t want to promote a direct competitor.)

Turns out, the Hollywood Survival Guide has a much broader scope than this blog. Not only does he discuss a wide range of entry level jobs beyond PA (like tape logger or personal assistant),  He also goes into detail about how to move to Los Angeles and how to get around. There’s even a long section breaking down each neighborhood, its cost of living, accessibility, and so on.

All in all, it’s a very helpful guide to newcomers, and I’m glad to recommend it to anyone inclined to move out here anytime soon.

Full disclosure— the book costs $10, and TAPA gets a cut of that when you follow the link on my page. So, make of that what you will.

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    1. I’ve seen those both before! I just came back from an internship in France and the stores over there all used Comic Sans. I’ve got a photo album on my computer just of French companies with 4 ft Comic Sans signs.

  1. I’m not sure why, but it bothers me excessively that The Hollywood Survival Guide cover has text written in Comic Sans. It’s considered the number 1 Do-not-use-professionally font there is.

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