No Lions

rather pathetic comments:

great example here people. if you work long enough as a PA, you will hate life. please please please take this blog with a grain of salt.

A few years ago, the Internet went down in my dorm.  Everyone got super annoyed.  What’s going on?  Who are the morons running this place? Etc. etc.

Then my roommate said, “You know, a thousand years ago, we’d be living in caves and hiding from lions.”

Now, he obviously wasn’t a history major, but his point was clear.  It’s amazing that we are so comfortable with the idea of a world wide network of information that its absence is distressing.  None of us were starving or homeless or being chased by lions.  We should be fucking ecstatic.  Like, all the time.

From then on, any time anyone complained about a malfunctioning modern convenience, my friend would look over his shoulder and go, “No lions.”

I really wish he was around my shows, sometimes.  People freak out a lot (too much, really), over small things.

And, as Pathetic points out, I can be one of those people.

Of course, I frequently exaggerate for the sake of a joke, and my humor may be so dry and sardonic as to be mistaken for not existing at all.  I am not, in fact, in danger of being eaten by a lion, nor do I want you to get the impression from this blog that I might be.

I don’t hate life, nor do I hate my job.  As I’ve said before, “La la la, my job is a bowl of cherries, covered in non-fat sugar and simultaneous orgasms” isn’t funny.  By all means, take this blog with a grain of salt.

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13 Responses

  1. Nathan – The last thing I’d want to do is contradict you on someone else’s blog, but APA said that HE wasn’t being eaten by a lion. He didn’t mention anything about the rest of us. 🙂

    I, for one, am ecstatic about not being chased by a wild animal.

  2. The last thing I’d want to do is contradict you on your own blog, but they caught a (wiley) coyote in Manhattan yesterday. There’s wild horses running around Chula Vista and the Cincinnati Police are investigating sightings of a WILD LION on the loose there.

    Don’t get complacent!


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