Overheard in the Production Office

I was filling out my mileage form yesterday, and I wondered how much it was going to be worth.  The current rate is 50.5 cents, and that extra half cent threw me off.

“Goddamn it, why can’t they just use whole numbers?  Decimals just screw me up.”

Without looking up, the coordinator said, “Use improper fractions.”

– – –

On a completely unrelated note, why is “maggie gyllenhaal” the most common search leading to my blog for the last month?

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4 Responses

  1. i get 56 cents on the mile for some reason beyond my grasp. instead i wish my company offered me matching 401k contributions, but i’ll take my extra penny gladly.

  2. Rate is set by IRS.

    You’re using the first half 2008 rate as a point of reference. Many folks change annually, but sounds like your place does it less frequently. Current rate is 55 cents a mile, an even number.

    While not required to most companies follow the IRS rate. Companies *may* also set a lower rate. In your case you are below the current standard rate, that is fine under the law. Setting a higher rate than the IRS rate adds complexity for business and tax staff so is rarely done.

    All that said, I agree with you, it would be better in round cents especially now that mileage rates are higher than they were.

  3. Indeed! Your rate is 101 ha’pennies to the mile, and not a farthing more! Now get to your motorcarriage, post haste.

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