The Gap Between Parody and Reality is Narrowing…

Through the comments section of one anonymous industry blog (which you totally should not read), I discovered another anonymous industry blog, Important Hollywood Agent.

Is this a joke? Is he for real? It’s impossible to tell. Here’s a sample:

It was a beautiful night last Spring, I was on my way to a film premiere party with a woman, and I looked great. We didn’t go to the film screening, just the after party at the W Hotel in Westwood. It’s hard for me to sit through an entire movie without going crazy.

My girl wore a classy, blue dress. She is smart, pretty, and girlfriend material. Too bad I’m not a girlfriend guy. We’ll call her Blue Dress.

We stroll into the W Hotel. I get more stares than my girl, which feels great.

There is an immediate problem, I see a woman that is hotter than the girl I’m with. We’ll refer to the hotter girl by the style of dress she wears; Cheetah Print.

I have to get rid of Blue Dress. I tell her I feel bad for forcing her to stay at this boring party. her that I have to stay for work, but that she should salvage the night and go have fun with her girlfriends, then we’ll meet up later. She tells me how sweet and selfless I am for suggesting it. Blue Dress scampers off.

It goes on.

You might think the blog is a big joke, but then, you’ve probably never worked for an agent. I swear, this could be my old boss.

I’m seriously as confused as when I heard about the “Double Down.” I was sure that was a joke, but it’s not. It is very, very real.

Today’s hyper-post-modernism has strained the thin line dividing parody and reality to the breaking point, opening into a yawning abyss, from which streams madness and Strongbad emails.

When you stare into the Satire, the Satire stares back at you.
When you stare into the Satire, the Satire stares back at you.
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3 Responses

  1. Important Hollywood Agent? My ass…

    That is some of the worst online dribble I have read in a while. You’re a PA and you are more interesting to read than that hack. (And I’m in the same field as that hack…yeah, read between the lines.)

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