Call for Stories

I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now.  My original intention was to write a new post every day.  These last few weeks (not to mention an inbox full of “have you quit or what?” emails) have convinced me that perhaps I can no longer maintain that pace alone.

So, I’m asking you, now and former production assistants, to send me your stories.  After all, how many Stupid Actress Stories can one guy have, before he starts repeating himself?

Because this is an anonymous blog, you can tell your tale freely and honestly.  In fact, if I do my job correctly, the readers won’t even know which stories are me, and which have been sent in by others.  (Truth be told, some old posts are second-hand accounts that I’ve transformed into first person.)

As an added bonus, those aspiring to enter the business will read a broader range of perspectives than my meager experience can provide alone.

Lastly, I hope to pass this site on to someone else, one day, after I’ve moved on to bigger and better things.  This will help begin the passing of the torch.

If you’re interested, please email me at the address provided to the right.

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One Response

  1. Hi there, I am trying to get PA work and a lot of people have asked me to email them my resume.

    As an actor, my resume is pretty straightforward and nicely fleshed out. As a hopeful PA, though, not so much.

    You’ve said in your resume post that little short films don’t count. My question is, should I be sending people a blank resume if I don’t have any credits that DO count? Or just a short note admitting my lack of experience and hoping my charm and motivation will make up for it?

    Thanks for a response, if you write one.

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