You may have noticed that I rarely mention anyone’s name on this blog. That’s partly to protect my anonymity, and partly because that’s how I actually think of them.

It’s funny, after a few years on the job, you start to be able to identify most positions on sight. The camera guys are generally clean cut, and always have a serious expression on their face. Grips and electrics tend to be bigger and more avuncular (you can tell these guys apart mostly by what they’re carrying– if it plugs in, he’s an electric). Costumers dress like they just fell into the Goodwill bin at the local clown college.

Since you already know the crew positions, it’s easier to refer to someone that way than actually, say, learning his or her name.

Which explains why, when you have three twenty-something guys in the office, no one ever knows our names, either. I’m just, “That One Office PA, You Know, The One Who’s Always Writing In His Blog.”

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6 Responses

  1. You’ve never posted a story that hasn’t personally happened to you, have you?

  2. Remember that scene in Good Will Hunting where Matt Damon tells the airplane joke, and the Robin Williams says, “You’ve never been on an airplane b efore, have you?”

    Damon replies, “No, but it’s funnier if I tell it in the first person.”

    It’s like that. Not all of these stories are about me, and not all of the specifics are really true.

  3. Some of your stories are pretty specific, minus any names being mentioned. Sometimes I wonder if that’s enough for people to find out who you are.

  4. Aha! A nugget of information there – you’re a guy!

    Forgive me if this is common knowledge on your blog, but I have only been reading it for a little while now and I actually assumed you were a female!

    I think that, when you work in such a colourful place with so many different personalities, you can be forgiven for labelling people by how they dress or act. It would be so difficult to remember everybody’s names and, lets face it, it’s way more fun to make up your own! 🙂

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