And I’m Freeeeeee! Free-Lancing!

Analis asked recently:

Once you get the low/no-budget film job and it ends, what do you do next?

Should I assume that I made great connections and the next production I apply for will swoon upon my arrival?

I wish.

It’s true, after that first credit, landing that next job will be easier.  But remember, the job hunting process is an endless one. No one ever looks for you. You have to find them.

Why? Because there are hundreds of other PAs just like you, and they are looking for jobs. Actively looking.

Unless you’re the daughter of a world-renowned (and highly overrated) filmmaker, you will be job hunting every six months or so for the next… Well, I can’t say how long, since I still haven’t reached the point where I don’t have to look.

And they're creepy-looking, too.
And they’re creepy-looking, too.

And you’re not gonna go straight from Death Bed: The Bed that Eats People to Burn Notice (the awesomest show currently on TV).

You’ll probably be hired on Death Bed 2: Bed Harder, followed by a shitty reality show on channel 397, then maybe a network reality show, then a network show that gets canceled in seven episodes, until finally winding up on a show you actually watch.

And that day, my friend, will be a glorious day.

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8 Responses

  1. Hey there, I randomly fell upon your blog after looking up the phrases “pa bootcamp” and “scam” on Google lol…

    I’ve done various grip/pa work for tv stations and with just getting laid off last week I’m thinking about diving into the seedy world of hollywood PA work.

    You have a pretty funny blog here and I think I might become a consistent reader. The hardest part about all this will be working for free even though I need cash now for bills and rent : /

  2. @”…world-renowned (and highly overrated) filmmaker…”

    i am assuming you’re talking about coppola in which case:

    considering the four film he made in the 1970s were GODFATHER, CONVERSATION, GODFATHER II and APOCALYPSE NOW he gets a pass. he may now suffer from a severe case of “what have you done for us lately?”

    i watched another guy on a forum talk about how many bombs spielberg has been associated with (which i guess is why his name is on 30% of the top ten films of all time). you want to kick somebody, kick m night shymalan who people are just now realizing is great example of the emperor has no clothes.

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