Keeping People Happy

EastSt said:

Um, they are getting paid FAR more then you… Pizza and your gas money is a SMALL price to pay to keep them happy.

I really don’t understand this logic. At all.

Isn’t the fact that she’s getting paid more in a day than I get in a week supposed to keep her happy? Or the fact that she doesn’t have to feed herself, dress herself, or do her own make-up and hair? How about the fact that she really only works for about six of the twelve hours she’s here?

And most importantly, the fact that she’s getting paid to play pretend, like any six year old would do for free?

Yes, there’s skill and talent involved, and a lot of time and energy and even sacrifice to get to where she is.  But God damn it, her job is to have hundreds of people dote on her, and then be watched and admired by millions more.

She should be the happiest person on the planet. Why are we concerned about “keeping her happy”?

Why can she not pay for her own fucking pizza?

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Girl on Girl has an amusing assistant-related post up today.

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6 Responses

  1. The reason it’s important to keep actors happy – is that, unlike the rest of us, their emotions ARE their work. An unhappy actor on set is like a cinematographer with an eye infection.

  2. The comment from yesterday that pointed out that this isn’t unique to “The Biz” is right. In every business, people are paid to do things for those who bill more per hour, to keep the higher-paid focused on the thing that theoretically only they can do. They send somone else out to pick up lunch for lawyers, too, even though they get paid a lot just to think and talk. 😀 In my experience, many actors are good-natured people who would be happy to get their own pizza and dry-cleaning — but when they’re needed on the set, they need those things done for them.

  3. It may be helpful to think of this in reverse. Worst case, you storm off the set, and they replace you.

    Worst case, she storms off the set, major disruption.

    So, keeping her happy is what they’ll do. Keeping you happy, low priority.

    You don’t need me telling you this, EVERY set the stars get treated carefully by the below the line folks.

    What is interesting is it actually starts at lower rates of pay than other industries.

    The only thing that blows my mind is actors that don’t know their lines.

  4. Those who can afford things are those who don’t HAVE to afford things.

    The Catch-22 of Hollywood.

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