Nobody Likes Me

The most embarrassing thing about me that I can possibly tell you is what happened on my first day of kindergarten. I don’t really remember what happened at school, only that I came home crying. My mom asked why, and, through choking breaths and a runny nose, I replied: “No <gasp> body <gasp> likes meeeeeee!”

I don’t know how I got this idea, but the feeling was very strong. And I still get that feeling on the first day of the shoot.

I don’t actually come home crying, anymore, but my wife says I always tell her that no one on the crew likes me.

Eventually, I realize I’m not a leper or a pariah (unless I’m working camera), but that first-day-of-school feeling has never quite left me.  Not really sure why.

– – –

The Script Supervisors Forum has a great post about an idiotic director. And you know how much I love directors.

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6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link to my site. I think the reason I like being in the “center” of it all on set is my elementary school wish to be popular. Everyone wants to be loved…ahhhh

  2. I’m same same.
    My theory for the feeling that people’s first instinct is to not like me is that I was raised by negative people who instilled in me the instinct to assume the negative: noone likes me.
    and that’s my starting point when it comes to people.

    It’s generally okay, though, because the truth of the matter is I don’t like most people. Hardly anyone, in fact. Many people are just ridiculous, so whether they like me or not, it all works out in the end.

  3. I’ve been told by several people who have worked for/with me on their first day that they were convinced I didn’t like them. Most tell me I was helpful, was good at anticipating questions, patient, and professional but always looked vaguely suspicious of them, as if I expected them to hit me in the head with a C-Wrench, destroy equipment, or get lost walking from upstage to downstage.

    It’s true. I don’t worry about it. If they stick around I eventually drop the look and make friends with the good workers. The bad/unsafe/mentally deficient are then right that I don’t like them.

    My point is you are probably just uncomfortable being scrutinized like a bug by people like me that make no attempt to hide it.

  4. I’m the exact opposite. On the first day of a shoot I assume everybody loves me. It takes til the last day for me tor realize that nobody likes me. 😀

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