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I’m trying to update my IMDb page because, even though everyone knows it’s totally inaccurate and completely unreliable, everybody uses it.  It’s weird, I know.

Updating is a pain in the ass. They expect you to update your TV credits episode-by-episode. That’s just bad web design. I’ve worked on more than sixty episodes of television this year (a lot of reality TV), and I don’t have time to do each episode individually.

Here’s IMDb’s explanation, from their help page–

Why is it so hard and time consuming to add a new credit or film to your database?

Every now and then we get complaints from people who attempted to submit new films or credits, or change data for existing ones, and had a really hard time doing it. We understand your frustration: but in almost all cases, the reason for delays or rejections is due to a failure to understand how our database works and what information is needed for us to accept additions/corrections. In order to keep our data as accurate and current as possible, we have to be very strict when it comes to accepting or rejecting submissions.

So, basically what they’re saying is, “It’s your fault. Also, fuck you.”

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14 Responses

  1. Is anyone willing to sign a petition to submit to the BBB and report these arrogant fools?

    1. I was just thinking about complaining to the bbb since imdb refuses to re-add 4 credits that they have deleted. I’ve sent numerous emails over a 2 year period.

  2. I submitted myself for a role I did a while back, only to find out that someone else was already credited for it. I emailed them, and haven’t heard anything in a month.

    And yes, I know it’s the right role in the right movie. And I am a paying IMBDpro customer.

    Honestly, I’m tired of IMDB and how much weight everyone gives it. Basically, if it’s not on your IMDB, everyone thinks you’re lying.

  3. I am trying to find an IMDB Assistant that can make the updates happen for me, while I work on new projects. I am tired of messing with this thing, but I know it is important. Does anyone know of a person that can update IMDB when I need? Thanks.

  4. They only started adding tv shows by episode this past year which sucks. I preferred the old way. Although time consuming, I haven’t had too many problems with it. With short films that have screened at festivals, etc. they do it faster if you have someone else from your crew along with yourself put in the credit. That way the credit is corroborated by someone other than yourself who was also there. I’ve done this a couple times after trying to add the credit myself and them not doing it.

    As for deleting a credit, lie and say you never did it. It’s the only way other than IMDBPro to get it off your page. You may have to submit more than once but it’ll get it off your page.

    Once I figured out how IMDB works it’s been fairly easy to deal with my page but of course there are still many credits of mine missing because they don’t fit IMDB’s guidelines. So be it.

  5. I spent two years trying to get rid of credits on imDb that I didn’t work on but to no avail. Then one day I logged on to a friends imDbPRO account and they deleted them immediately. So basically they do their jobs if someone is paying a subscription.

    1. What was your description of reason you gave when trying to delete your imdb credit? I’ve been trying to delete a credit for some time now on my imdbpro account and have not had any luck.

  6. First, you don’t want a random critic changing your credit to Big D***head.

    Second, the database and engine are probably dated, it’s been around for awhile (18yrs.).

    I suppose that it would be best if they accepted a standard database file of credits along with a physical copy of the film, then it would be able to be checked. Though that would probably need a fee to cover the cost of someone double-checking everything and making sure it’s not a home hack of someone else’s film.

    As for removing your name, they won’t do that, but they may put in an AKA ‘Alan Smithee’ if you wan’t people to know your sorry you were involved.

  7. Well, that last one I can understand. Sorta.

    Not to defend them, but they are attempting to be a factual database. No one owns the rights to facts. If something is factually true, you can’t restrict its publication.

    This is what protects newspapers and documentaries and so forth.

  8. I usually like to wait to see how long they take to get me on a show all by themselves. If it doesn’t show up after a while I submit it. The show I finished most recently hasn’t shown up at all yet, so I’m waiting to see how long that takes.

    It’s also really hard to get rid of stuff. I tried to delete one job and it didn’t work and eventually actually got a live administrator email me.

    Admin: So you’re saying you didn’t work on that?

    Me: No, I just don’t want anyone to know I worked on that.

    (It’s still there.)

  9. I tried to update my page three times, but to no joy. They were unsatisfied with my corroborating links that proved the two shorts I wrote and directed actually exist, despite both being screened to hundreds of people at a number of festivals. Very frustrating, and thus, IMDb is inaccurate because of it’s blind disregard for common fucking sense.

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