Why Didn’t You Remind Me That I Reminded You?

Some days, I think my boss is a blithering idiot.  (By the way, did you know “blither” means “to blather”?  Thanks,!)  Other days, I think she’s pants-shittingly crazy.

We have a production meeting tomorrow, so my boss wrote up a memo with the time and room number, and had me copy it fifty times (17 for the people who will be there, 23 for the people who couldn’t give a shit, and 10 because she hates trees or something).

But Anonymous, that’s not crazy; it’s just wasteful!

Keep your shorts on.  I’m getting there.

There’s a memo we send out daily about the next week’s meetings, location scouts, and things of that nature.  Part of my job is to call all the departments and ask if they need to add or change anything.  I write notes on today’s memo, then give it to my boss, so she can update tomorrow’s.

So, I handed her the memo with my handwritten notes, but before I even got to the door, she said, in this annoying sing-song voice, “You forgo-ot so-omething!”

“Really?  Who did I forget to call?”  In all honesty, I do forget to call some people occasionally.  Mostly because I don’t care.

“No one, but you didn’t make a note about the production meeting tomorrow.”

Wait.  Are you serious?  You want me to write you a note about the meeting you scheduled and you wrote a memo about, not three hours ago?  Who does this make sense to?

As my friend said, What is in her brain?


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2 Responses

  1. Daaaammmnn. That beat my story. I knew I was doomed with a boss when I prepared a management report and she wanted to know what I was doing, because the management report is not where you put financial projections.

    Um. Yes, it is. At that organization. Where she’d worked for 20 years.

    You have my sympathies.

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