Open Minded

People often regard Hollywood as a liberal place. People are often right.

When the California Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, approval was unanimous among people I know or know of in the business. On the other hand, nearly all of my friends disapproved of the way Eliott Spitzer was run out of office.

So, you think “liberal,” you think “open minded,” right? Not necessarily.

A couple months ago, I was ordering lunch for the office. We usually order some meatless dishes for the vegetarians, but since this was a Friday during Lent, I ordered a few extra.

I mentioned this in passing to my boss, and he said, “What? What are you talking about?”

“You know, Catholics, Friday, no meat?”

“If it’s some sort of religious thing, they can fend for themselves.”

Um, really? If you want to avoid meat out of some notion that animals are sentient, or a misplaced hatred of vegetables, that’s fine, we’ll get you a salad. But if you want exercise your First Amendment right to the free practice of religion, fuck off.

Wow, that was a really serious post. Hmm. Screw it, here’s a monkey fighting a tiger.

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5 Responses

  1. Elliot Spitzer wasn’t run out of office for schtuping hookers…he was run out of office for being a big giant hypocrite. He made his name prosecuting escort services and being a “law and order” guy.

    As to your boss having issues? Yeah, spot on reaction.

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