UTA Joblist on TAPA

I’ve blogged about the joblist before, but for those of you who don’t know, it’s a basically just a list of job openings, compiled by assistants at the United Talent Agency.

There are a number of places online to find the UTA Joblist, but lately, they all seem to be updating way too slowly. These jobs go quickly; if you don’t apply within a day of posting, you probably won’t even get an interview.

(Perhaps there’s some self-interest involved, since many of the people who post the joblist are interested in these jobs themselves; posting the list two days late means less competition for them.)

Anyway, because of this, I’ve decided to start posting the list here on TAPA. There’s a link right at the top of the page, for anybody who’s interested. I’ll update the page whenever I get a new joblist.


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