What TV Does Best

Last night, I watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother called, “The Wedding Bride.”  If you don’t watch the show, that title is

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Pet Peeve

Scripts change in TV. They change a lot. The first draft distributed to department heads is usually just a rough guide. You know, so location

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Reality, TV

I had a strange experience yesterday. I saw someone I know on TV. Now, when you work in television, of course you see people you

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Simple Etiquette

First of all, let me apologize for not posting in a while. Rexwas almost right. Nobody’s found out that I write this blog, but that’s

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No Jerks

Yesterday, Desiree said: His outburst was cocky and out of the map. But when you say “astonishingly, this outburst did not get the operator fired”

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There’s a curious inconsistency I’ve noticed in the way film industry address each other. No one is ever called “Mr. Spielberg,” or “Ms. Ephron.”  It’s

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Feed Me!

There is always food on set. Always. It took some getting used to, for me. My first day on set ever, the AD told me

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