Awkward Conversation

An anonymous reader writes in: Recently, the 2nd AD kinda said something inappropriate and made me feel uncomfortable. I kinda just told him I wasn’t

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Celebrity Handling

Kendra asks: I was wondering if you have any advice on the right way to go about interacting with big name celebrities on set. Some

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Apple on set

Here’s a short digression from the normal PA stuff: Despite the disillusionment I still somehow find some good in my blackened heart to help friends

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Stephen Gallagher took issue with my post yesterday: “For those of you who don’t know, a stand-in is quite possibly the most perfect manifestation of

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Callsheets are weird, aren’t they? They’re legal-size sheets of paper, covered from top to bottom, on both sides, with ten-point font. It’s just packed with

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Pet Peeve

Scripts change in TV. They change a lot. The first draft distributed to department heads is usually just a rough guide. You know, so location

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