Crew Call is Back!

Crew Call, the below-the-line podcast, is back for another season on iTunes!1 Some of you may recall that TAPA created a podcast a couple years

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The Final Stretch

The good people at Bebee lights have decided to sponsor Crew Call at the studio level. That puts us at slightly over halfway to our

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Crew Call Season 2

That’s right, Crew Call is coming back! What’s Crew Call, you ask? It’s just about the only place you’ll hear interviews with below-the-line crew. You

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Technical Difficulties

It had to happen some time, folks. Twenty amazing episodes, and then PPPBLLT. Due to technical difficulties, there will be no Crew Call this week.

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What I’ve Been Up To

Dear Constant Reader, I want to apologize for the dearth of regular programming here at The Anonymous Production Assistant. I’ve been on location1 for the

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