The Future of Cinema

Wow, you guys! The Kickstarter campaign is DONE. People contributed $2512, which is 136% of what I asked for. And now, the real work begins.1

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Production Yak

I’ve talked before about Coordinators 411, which – as you know – is a Google group that includes all of the production coordinators, APOCs, secretaries,

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Whistle While You Work

Imagine a quaint little production office. UPM knows everybody by name, asks them about their weekend and their career ambitions. The Coordinator is keen on

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You’re Fired

Shawn writes: Great “Goldilocks” blog entry and a fine job as always. How often is it that people get fired over such contradictions, especially for

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The Last PA

At the beginning of the show that I’m currently on, I wrote about the special role of the First PA – the first PA hired,

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Going International

This week, the show I’m on leaves the friendly confines of Los Angeles for the unpredictability and authenticity of Eastern Europe. This means that for

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