What’s a Green Bed?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned “green beds” in passing, and Jess commented: Okay, I’m stumped. What’s a greenbed? I checked with Hollywood Juicer Michael,

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Reading Material

I recently got a comment from Dawn Climie, who runs a blog called Don’t Shoot the Costumer. Naturally, I clicked her link, and found the

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Working Together

My old boss used to tell me, “Hollywood is just high school with money.” This is often especially true of productions, where each department forms

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A friend of mine wrote in response to yesterday’s post: What’s the difference between a grip and a PA? A PA can spell “grip.” Now,

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again– nothing we do in Hollywood matters. We’re not doctors or soldiers or police or fire fighters.

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Just Joking

When you’re carrying something big and heavy around a corner or down some stairs, it’s usually good form to call out a warning, like “Points!”,

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Ridiculous Names

A throwaway joke in yesterday’s post prompted a few questions. Thankfully, Michael the Hollywood Juicer had answers, as usual. Someday, I hope Mike does a

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Do Me a Favor

Hollywood is built on favors, but some people don’t seem to realize that. I’m making a short film. Just about the only way to make

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I Want Answers!

In this blog, I generally hold court on the few topics I’m an expert at. I am just a PA, though, and there’s a few

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A lot of time on set is spent sitting around, waiting for other people to do their jobs. You gotta wait for the actors to

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