Contacts & Lists

There’s around 150 to 200 people on any given film or television production. It’s a safe bet they’re not all Facebook friends. So, it’s up

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The Match Game

This is another one of those things I keep seeing when I help people with their resume and cover letter: the name on your resume

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Taking Advantage

So there you are, working your ass off as a PA, running around and doing ridiculous tasks that you will never be able to properly

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Where Do I Go?

[Name Redacted]1 asks: A question I’m always asking myself when I step on a set as a day player is where do I go? It

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Reporting Overtime

Reader Joe called my attention to this article on Deadspin, about a leaked memo to the crew of the X-Games in Brazil. In it, Severn

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Be A Morning Person

The production office is one of the few departments that works in shifts. Because we’re one of the few departments that can, and because we

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