Walkie Talkies

“Go To 2”

If you’re new to the business, walkie talkie lingo can be daunting to get used to. “I’m going 10-1,” “Copy,” and “Go to 2” are

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Fire on the Backdraft attraction at Universal Studios

Fire Watch With Me

Lauren tweeted a question at me: @TheAnonymousPA Hey TAPA this might be a dumb question but I’m just starting to get more professional gigs. When

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Amazon Rentals

Jamie writes in: I just got a job as a PA (really an unpaid intern) on an independent movie. They put with the production designer

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Reading Material

I’ve been gearing up for the next TAPA Networking Event (Saturday, March 31st, mark your calendar!). We’ve got some guests lined up, including an Academy

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