Crew Call is Back!

Crew Call, the below-the-line podcast, is back for another season on iTunes!1

Some of you may recall that TAPA created a podcast a couple years ago, wherein I interviewed below-the-line crew–DPs, editors, and so on. But because it was so time consuming and expensive, we only made one season. I was saddened by that, because I think our listeners got a lot out of it.

A few months ago, Chris Henry, the producer of the first season of Crew Call, told me he was creating a new podcast network. He wanted Crew Call to be a part of this new venture of us. Naturally, I said yes, because it meant more crew interviews, but without any actual work on my part. 🙂

It’s called Shortwave Radio, and they’ve launched with four different shows– Robot House, Crit Squad, Overqualified, and, of course, Crew Call. They each have several episodes already available for your listening enjoyment.

You should definitely subscribe, to get every new episode. You’ll hear from the people who work outside the spotlight and below-the-line to make your favorite TV and Movies—Cinematographers and Assistant Directors, Independent Film producers, Costume Designers, Grips, Set Decorators, and more.

This new version is slightly different than you remember. For one, we’ve got a new host.  For another, the new interview format has allowed us to get a lot more personal with the guests, to find out not just what their job is, but how they make a living on the crew.

If you’re new to the business, going to school, or just interested in a Way-Behind-the-Scenes look at how movies and TV get made, we’ve got you covered.

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  1. It’s probably on some other podcasting services, too, but let’s be honest– you use iTunes.↩
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