Five Excuses for Missing Work That Just Don’t Cut It

Some days, you don’t want to go to work. But you do, anyway, because you want to make a good impression. And get paid. That’s important, too.

But there are days when you have a legit excuse. Get into a debilitating car accident, no one but J.K. Simmons is going to expect you show up to work.

On the other hand, here are a few excuses, that I have actually heard people use, which  don’t cut it–

You’ve got a screening/premiere to get to.

Sorry, this is Hollywood. Everyone has a screening they’d like to get to.

I certainly don’t want to pay to see the shitty movie I worked on last year; the cast and crew screening sounds a lot more fun. But your producer doesn’t care about last year; she cares about completing this shoot, today.

Traffic is horrible.

Traffic is like the weather; the freeways are jammed for the righteous and unrighteous alike. We all got to set on time. Why didn’t you?

You’re hungover.

Seriously, I know a PA who called in hungover. The AD gave him a five minute reaming, and all the kid said was, “It’s the same as being sick!” No. No, it’s not. First, a hangover isn’t contagious; second, it’s your own damn fault. Learn to hold your liquor.

The alarm didn’t go off because [power outage/I forgot to set it/whatever].

Get another alarm clock. Get two. Hell, go full Doc Brown, I don’t care. Neither does your boss.

You need a “personal day.”

Fuck you.

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