The Next TAPA Meetup Is Happening!

So this is going to be a monthly thing, now. We’ll all get together, get drunk, and complain about how little PAs get paid.

Because I really hate it when groups meet up at the same time at the same place for every gathering, I’m shaking things up a bit.

First of all, we’ll be in Santa Monica, at the Bodega Wine Bar.

It’s got a great vibe, good prices, and most importantly, plenty of parking.1 It’s a little fancier than the last two TAPAloozas, but sometimes it’s nice to dress like a grownup, especially after a very long season.

The address is 814 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

But a bigger change than the location is the day of the week. This time, we’re meeting on a Tuesday. April 29th, to be specific.

Why Tuesday? Well, some people have shit to do on Sunday.2 Also, some people like to segregate the weekend from their work life.

Tuesday’s convenient because it’s not as hectic as Monday’s back-to-work vibe, but far enough from the weekend that you can follow up with the people you met and arrange a meeting before the weekend while you’re both still fresh in each other’s minds.

The television season is over for most shows, so even a lot of you who work on series can probably make a Tuesday night. Those of you who work on cable’s weird season schedule, I’m sorry. We’ll see you at the next one!

Click here to RSVP on Facebook, and invite your friends.

* * *

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Footnotes    (↩ returns to text)

  1. A lesson I learned the hard way last time.
  2. Like church, maybe, you Godless heathen.
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