Coming Soon – The TAPA Podcast!

If you missed TAPAholics Anonymous meeting, you don’t know what was in the envelope I left. First, there was a bunch of name tags that read, “Hello, my name is T.A.P.A.”

Along with the names tags was a stack of business cards featuring my logo, which hilariously led to anyone in a pair of glasses being accused of being me:

Does the hyperlink tell you something about TAPA's glasses? Hmmmm...
Any one of these could be TAPA.

The cards also had a QR code that directed people to a new page on the TAPA site, which you may have noticed in the navigation bar at the top.

That’s right, I’m starting a podcast!

There are plenty of podcasts about writing, or the movie business in general, but as far as I can tell, there aren’t any active below-the-line shows.

Crew Call1 will be a podcast by, for, and about the crew.

Do you know what a gaffer gaffs? What a best boy is best at? What a production accountant counts? Then this podcast is for you!

Because let’s face it, while we all dream of someday breaking through the proverbial line, we’re more than likely going to make our living below it.

I will interview crew from every department, from art to camera to post. For those of you new to the business, it’ll be a great way to learn what everybody does. For more experienced listeners, it’ll still be a great way to learn what everybody does. ‘Cause let’s face it, you have no idea, do you?

The thing is, although podcasting is cheap, it isn’t free. I’ll need microphones, software, and most importantly, more bandwidth. That’s why I’ll be raising money via Kickstarter.

The campaign will begin in about a month. There will be cool perks, like t-shirts, Sharpies (which we all use), even a chance to be on the show, if you like. I’m hoping you’ll support me in this new endeavor, so I can continue expanding my TAPA empire bringing you advice and encouragement, even from the trenches.

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  1. What do you think of the name? I’m open to suggestions.
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