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Ashley sent me this video on my Facebook page:

This commercial raises so many questions. Why is she finding props and wardrobe? Those are decisions for two different department. And where are teamsters to pick up all this stuff? It’s like the entire show’s budget went into that one crane and Maxi Brute, and they left the PA to do everyone else’s work.

Also, as Ashley said, “I’m jealous of the PAs who get to dress like that.”

The PA picking up coffee is pretty much the only accurate scene in the commercial.1 But, at least they acknowledge the existence of PAs. Most depictions of filmmaking ignore us entirely.

* * *

In other funny video news, some readers have produced a webseries about actresses trying to make it in Los Angeles, called Lost in LA. You should check it out.

Speaking of accuracy, this episode might be the most authentic depiction of two actresses talking that I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Even then, she didn’t do it right.
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  1. In commercials, music videos, reality tv and non union shows or non union anything PAs do a lot more than in the Union tv/film world. I have personally as a PA done everything she mentions.

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