Should I Call When They Ask Me To Call?

A reader whose name I will withhold for obvious reasons writes–

I’m a recent film graduate, and will be moving to LA soon. Not too long ago, a casting producer of [Big Time Reality Show] came to my school to give a presentation on reality TV. After the presentation, I introduced myself and told her what I see myself doing. Long story short, we exchanged contact info and she told me to contact her once I’m in LA. Is this standard Hollywood talk or did she really mean for me to contact her once I’m in LA?

Someone speaking at a school should know better than to give her number out to students, unless she really does want you to call.

People do often say, “Call me” without really meaning it. But I figure that’s there fault for being a fake Hollywood person.

That being said, don’t go searching for someone’s phone number in a union directory or something and call them out of the blue. You’ll come across as a creepy stalker, at best.

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5 Responses

  1. When it comes to this sort of thing, you HAVE to take people at their word. People do not drop “reach out to me” if they don’t mean it. Mingling is a 24/7 activity in this business.

    The worst thing that could happen is that they ignore your call/email. Even then, I’ve had people who didn’t respond to my last email hire me on shows because of a well-timed “how’s it going, what are you working on?”. My first job above a PA, as a matter of fact.

    The worst that could happen is they you don’t connect with them. And if you don’t reach out to them, that’s exactly what will happen.

    Just come up with a little something to talk about beyond “so, can you get me a job?”

  2. I got my first real, big network tv job from a guy I met on an airplane. Sometimes someone just gets a vibe off you and genuinely wants you to call.

  3. Reality TV goes through PAs all the time. A lot of them work reality while they meet enough people to get jobs on scripted projects. Give them a call. Chances are they’ll have a project sooner or later they’ll need help on.

  4. Call them call them call them. Those with the nerve to take a chance get the jobs. Period. Be genuine & humble when calling and remind the producer where you met. Call the day you arrive in LA.

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