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Money Can’t Buy Happiness

…but it can buy not-unhappiness.  (I’m paraphrasing Adam Carolla, here.)  (Yes, really.)  (No, I’m not some kind of misogynist.  I just think he’s funny, okay?)  (Shut up.)
There are rich people who are sad.  There are poor people who are happy. … Continue reading

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Quit Whining

After reading the previous post, my wife slapped me across the email, and wrote, “Try doing my job for just one day, then you can tell me how difficult your job is.”
I suppose it is better than pushing crates on … Continue reading

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Maybe I Should Quit

Here’s how I tell if someone is smarter than me– when they tell me something, I think to myself, “That makes perfect sense, and I never would have thought of it.”
Case in point:
I suspect a lot of people aren’t sure … Continue reading

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What to Wear to an Interview

Patrick asks a question I’ve touched on before, but I think bears some detailed answering:
What should I wear to an interview for a P.A. job? Should I dress formally?
My dad used to tell me I should dress one level higher … Continue reading

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Last Week to Vote

Okay, one more time.  Please vote for my friend’s short, Asleep with the Angels, on  82 of you have clicked on the link, but the leader has 643 votes!  I get more readers than that on an average day.
Asleep … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need No Education

Commenting on yesterday’s post, Tom asked:
Correct me if I am wrong but… Nobody cares if you have a college degree in the industry anyway.
You are not wrong.
Being a filmmaker, from the biggest producer to the lowliest PA, is not like being … Continue reading

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Use What Ya Got

Edward writes:
Recently, a new member of my family offered to introduce me to some people and help me get a job as a PA in L.A.  (She works as a marketing executive for a major network.)
Now, this sounds wonderful to … Continue reading

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Business Cards

Jake writes:
You mentioned business cards in your latest post, “I made a few connections, had nice conversations, exchanged business cards (I carry one purporting to be a writer; there’s no need for a PA to have a business card).”
Back in October, an AD … Continue reading

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I Love Movies, Too

Sorry for the lack of postage, today.  I had a networking thing this weekend, and I spent most of my free time crafting follow up messages.
I did manage to listen to this week’s Doug Loves Movies.  For those of you … Continue reading

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Following Up on a Social Contact

Ravenna writes:
Recently my friend had a party and I started talking to her upstairs neighbor, who is a script supervisor on a great show. We got on really well and I am pretty sure she said they were “always looking … Continue reading

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