Locations and Set PAs

In case you don’t read the comments, I thought it best to reprint Nathan’s comment on my previous post:

Location Managers (and ALM’s) never hire the Set P.A.s. Anywhere. (I’m an East Coast Location Manager — trust me on this one.)

Locations will hire Locations P.A.s, but their job is different from Set P.A.’s Example: Locations P.A.s don’t do pedestrian or crew lockups; they may work with the cops for traffic lockups. Locations P.A.s might be working at tomorrow’s location if there’s any kind of prep crew working there. Or they might be on set. They’re wherever the Location Manager needs them to be on any particular day while the 2nd A.D. needs to make sure he has enough Set P.A.s to do lockups, wrangle background, handle first team, etc. etc. etc.

If you want Set P.A. work, send your resume to the 2nd A.D. For Locations P.A. work, the resume goes to the Location Manager, not his/her assistants.

So, east coast and west coast aren’t that different after all.  🙂

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4 Responses

  1. I’ve spent the last couple hours reading your blog (and various linked sites) when I should be sleeping, and I would like to say that I’m quite liking what I’ve read thus far. Posts are well-written and funny, as well as providing a perspective of a PA that I don’t yet know. Not to mention the available information, even if more subjective than objective (though nonetheless quite valid in an industry where experience seems as valuable as time).

    Anyways, thank you for the blog. I plan to read more later this afternoon.

  2. Wow. That’s just…odd. I guess I sorta, kinda stand corrected. I’ve worked in Toronto and they have the same basic division of responsibilities I’m accustomed to all over the U.S. so I assumed DGC was consistent across Canada. So much for assumptions.

  3. It’s a bit different in Vancouver, no such thing as a Set P.A. Locations covers all P.A’s, we do lock up and pedestrian/crowd control. Prep P.A’s are the same, just obviously there to prep and wrap, but we are all under the DGCBC and we are Locations. First team is usually the A.D departments job and they have TAD’s to help them whenever needed.

    1. Tee,

      Thanks for the reply to my original posting. And thanks to APA for posting my questions. I live in Vancouver, and I’ll be back in March of this coming year.

      So my question does pertain to the industry in Van, and the DDGBC website advises to send a resume to Locations.

      I’d love to bounce a question or two your way if you’d be cool with it. My email address is

      Thanks for the advice and feedback everyone. It’s greatly appreciated!


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