There’s Always Someone Below You

I went on a run today, to pick up something for the Big Awesome Show I work for.

I went to the will-call window, and the guy’s eyes lit up. “You’re a PA on Big Awesome Show? How did you land that job?”

I couldn’t really say. It was just a combination of experience, networking, and luck, the same combination that led me to Big Dumb Gameshow and Shitty Scripted Show That Got Canceled After Five Episodes.

It’s sobering to realize that, despite being the low man on the totem pole, there’s someone who actually wants my job.


Guess which ones me.
Guess which one's me.



On the other hand, I accidentally hung up on the Big Awesome Star of the Big Awesome Show, so there may be an opening sooner than expected.

– – –

In other news, JJ Abrams talked to io9 about my new favorite Star Trek character, Flarey.

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4 Responses

  1. As a recent graduation with a degree that I will probably never really use and student loans to pay off, I’m more than happy to want your job – or at least a PA’s assistant!

  2. I love this from the comments:

    “if there is a sun, there will be bloom. thats how cameras work. but ive never seen a camera or a movie where half the time it looks like im in the middle of an eye exam and my test is to watch the movie.”

    Yes, I realize I just commented with a comment.

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