Not Impressed

People often ask why I don’t invite my wife to visit the set. She’s a civilian (what we call someone who doesn’t work in the industry), so everyone assumes that she’ll be impressed by all the lights and cameras and semi-famous people.

The thing is, she will never, ever be impressed, especially not with the shit I work on. Here’s why.

The first night she was in Los Angeles, we saw some bright lights downtown. “Let’s go see what they’re filming,” I said.

We pull up across the street from a building lit up with huge nine lights (I don’t know what they’re actually called; ask an electrician). There’s two cranes, a camera hangs from one and a person dangles from the other.

Suddenly, in perfect sync, the person drops 80 feet while the camera shoots up just as fast.

We didn’t know what the movie was, but was saw a bunch of paparazzi hanging around, snapping pictures. I went up to one photographer and asked who was up there.

He showed me this picture:

I think her lips are permanently stuck in that pout.
I'm pretty sure I was standing behind the paparazzo who took this photo.

Welcome to Los Angeles.

So, yeah, a hundred thousand dollar straight-to-video giant eel flick isn’t going to impress my wife.

– – –

Speaking of people falling from great heights, I highly recommend you read this post from the Hollywood Juicer. It’s not a happy or funny story, but it is moving.

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