Hollywood Conservatism

I should amend yesterday’s post.  I made Hollywood’s liberalism seem monolithic, when that’s not completely true.

I worked at a video production company where all the top people were conservative.  They went to church.  They had four or five kids each.  They were married to the same person for decades.

It was bizarre.

The staff was still mostly liberal, though.  When the bosses knocked off at 5:00, once again, everybody felt safe to assume everyone else was liberal.  (The company employed a lot of kids straight out of college, so it was a reasonable assumption.)

I do know that many of them felt compelled to shut up about their politics when the boss was around.  Empathizing with their position, I resisted the urge to say, “Oh, well, I guess you could get a job anywhere else in Hollywood.”


– – –

On a side note, I found a mirror version of me, in Elana Frink’s blog, Girl on Girl Action. (She claims to be “kind of amazed to discover that many people Google this phrase looking for pornography.”  Come on, my blog gets porn searches!  How did you not see this coming, Frink?)

Anyway, it’s pretty funny, and well written.  For instance, here’s a post that involves the phrase, “I’m a PIRATE-THEMED HOOKER.” (Go ahead, try not to click that link.  I dare you.)

I like her idea about starting a new political party, “Libersocialism.” I think I’ll call mine “Conservatism.”  That’s “conservative” + “fascism.”

Look, you try it.

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7 Responses

  1. Church attendance is the most reliable indicator of party affiliation.

    Also, it’s a joke.

  2. isnt the whole problem being that people divide into either conservative or liberal? And that there can be no compromise whatsoever? It is ridiculous to think all human thought falls into those two camps.

  3. I object to your implication that only conservatives go to church, have kids or stay married for decades.

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