Another Stupid Competition

I was listening to the Adam Carolla Show this morning, and they had Kaitlin Olson, from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as a guest.  They were talking about how poor you are when you’re starting out, and Adam said, “But you’re making good money now, at least.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m making big bucks,” she sarcastically replied.


I saw an actor’s contract the other day (memo to higher ups: yes, we do read every piece of paper you give us, no matter how many times you mark it “confidential”).  This actor got paid more in a day than I do in two weeks.  This wasn’t one of our main cast, or a guest star, either.  This was a day player whose character doesn’t even have a name.  That’s right, Waiter #1 gets paid ten times as much as I do to say one line.

And I guarantee you this guy thinks he doesn’t get paid enough.

(I know, I know, actors work sporadically, but you know what?  Fuck you.  You get $1,250 to play pretend for six hours.  Open a savings account.)

I don’t know what Kaitlin Olson gets paid, but it’s definitely more than that guy.

The only stupid game that comes up more than the Sleepless Competition is the Who’s Getting Paid Worse? Contest.  As a PA, I hate getting into that.  It’s like playing Counter Strike with your mom– you know you’re going to win.

Like I’ve said before, complain to someone who cares.

PS: “Hi!” to everyone who went to the TV Writers meet-up last night.  Great to finally meet you face-to-face.

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5 Responses

  1. I did two months as an “Intern Set Dresser #1” on a shoot in Puerto Rico. Got paid $0 a day. I loved hearing people talk about how much they didn’t get paid. Made me want to stab them in the neck and steal their wallet.

  2. Whatever Kaitlin Olson is getting paid, it’s not enough. She and the rest of the Always Sunny guys are worth every penny I don’t have.

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