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Sneak Preview

I had a chance to see The Dark Knight last night, at a screening on the Warner Brothers lot. It was for employees, mostly executives and their assistants. Usually when I see movies ahead of time, it’s with LA … Continue reading

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On Screen

(First, I’d like to point you to an amusing post on Amanda’s website, about how soon you forget what it’s like to be young and poor.)
In most offices, there are enough binders to create a replica of Stonehenge entirely from … Continue reading

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On an Unrelated Note…

I’ve just been looking at my incoming links (I like to see what people are searching for when they find my site), and two questions sprang to mind.
Who’s been searching for “0000001000000110000001000000110000001000000100000010000001,” and, upon doing so, why did they decide … Continue reading

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Double the Standards, Double the Fun!

I was overcome with curiosity by my fellow PA’s statement yesterday, “You don’t know who I know. I could make your life a living hell.” (Seriously, though, he’s a nice guy. This is waaay out of context.)
I knew … Continue reading

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I Don’t Wanna Be That Guy

They say you hate in other what you hate most about yourself.
I recently came off a show where I had one of the worst bosses of my entire life. Besides having the emotional maturity of a four year old … Continue reading

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Stealing Ideas

Well, I didn’t get to send anyone to the electric chair.  (Or whatever it is they do nowadays.  Hang ’em?  Shoot ’em?  Are we still stoning people?)  It’s been a long, boring day, so I’ll keep this post short.
I was … Continue reading

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Civic Duty

My posting schedule will be a erratic for a little while, as I will be spending my days sitting in judgment of my fellow man.  In a totally socially-endorsed way, too!
If you’re in the courthouse tomorrow, I’ll be the angriest … Continue reading

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Video Killed the Fi-i-ilm Star

I know lots of people who can’t stand HD. I worked for an AC who would say, “I don’t care what the resolution is, it’s still video.”  Really, do you know anybody outside the business who can even tell … Continue reading

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Really Writing

I walked into the writers’ office yesterday and saw a ping pong ball and two paddles sitting on the assistant’s desk.
I paused, staring at the ping pong ball.
This was one of those moments you see in indie movies, where the … Continue reading

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Where It’s At

Yesterday, Nathan wrote, “You want to write… write!” This is the best, most important advice any aspiring writer can get. But if you’re sitting at a desk in Nome, Alaska, typing away on an Underwood by candlelight, filing … Continue reading

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