Mr. Hart replied to a post from earlier in the week: Ok so lets say you have a well written screenplay or you are in

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Screen Story Success

Since I’ve been talking about executives all week, I figured now would be a fine time to direct you to Screen Story Success, a blog

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How to Get an Agent

Chad replied to yesterday’s post: I read every entry of your blog last night starting from the very beginning in April. You’re hilarious! Wow, even

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Take Coverage!

Writing about dogs in unusual professions took me back to the good old days of reading scripts and writing coverage. “Coverage” is basically a synopsis

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Really Writing

I walked into the writers’ office yesterday and saw a ping pong ball and two paddles sitting on the assistant’s desk. I paused, staring at

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A Derivative Post

John August has another one of his Scene Challenges up. The goal is to write a scene where one character explains to another what investment

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A Clarification

Yesterday, I said writing is not producing.  I didn’t mean that as an insult. When I came to LA to attend film school, I thought

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