Incorrect Credits

Ryan writes in: My first feature film I ever worked on was recently released. After seeing fellow friends and crew members post pictures of their

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What Is Success?

Mike, the Hollywood Juicer, sent me an interesting blog post written by Gorman Bechard. You should read it. Seriously, click on that link, then come

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Screen Credit

Sally writes: I’m working an unpaid position as a “Set Intern” on an Indie Film with some recognizable names.  Since we’re not receiving school credit

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Secret Origins

Green PA commented on a post from a couple weeks ago, “The Curse of the Origin Story”: I recently got very lucky and was able

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Updating IMDb

I’m trying to update my IMDb page because, even though everyone knows it’s totally inaccurate and completely unreliable, everybody uses it.  It’s weird, I know.

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