Following yesterday’s post, I had a few more thoughts on mistakes. I used to be a personal assistant to a producer. He asked me if

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Ridiculous Names

A throwaway joke in yesterday’s post prompted a few questions. Thankfully, Michael the Hollywood Juicer had answers, as usual. Someday, I hope Mike does a

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Do Me a Favor

Hollywood is built on favors, but some people don’t seem to realize that. I’m making a short film. Just about the only way to make

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Yesterday’s post produced some interesting comments.  Capn Cookie said that, while Bale’s outburst was uncalled for, the DP was still kind of a dick.  Which

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Crackin’ Wise

One of our 2nd ADs just did one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. We’re shooting on location, and we have those “Filming in

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Killing the Joke

Here’s a classic joke, told on film sets around the world, that I absolutely love. A producer, a director, and a DP are scouting locations.

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