camera assistant

I Got It

People on set are busy. If they’re not trying to get a shot, they’re packing up and moving on, turning around, setting up for the

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Am I Too Small?

Indy (a college student) writes in: I’m currently in college, and I’m interested in working behind the scenes for film and television. I would love

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You Can’t Beat Stupid

Some days, I’ll read a script that’s inspiringly good. “This is how I want to write,” I think to myself. “This well-crafted story, these original

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Don’t Be a Doormat

Something I neglected to mention in yesterday’s post— There must be, unfortunately, a limit to a PA’s kindness. Certain departments (I’m just gonna come right

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Following yesterday’s post, I had a few more thoughts on mistakes. I used to be a personal assistant to a producer. He asked me if

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I was helping a friend with a short film over the weekend. I was the camera assistant, or “AC.” Don’t ask me why the letters

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The Most Hated Department

The camera department are jerks.  They’re rude, arrogant, self-centered, and self-important. Now, realize that I used to be a loader and a 2nd AC, and

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