On the 6th Day…

Stella sent me a Twitter1 DM, asking about lying on the time card. Hi, fellow PA, follow your blog, curious, have you ever written an

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job hunt

Hunting for Jobs

Over the years, lots of people have thanked me for the resources TAPA provides. I’ve been sharing the joblist for a while, as well as

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Never Quit a Show

Lauren writes in about quitting a show between seasons: Stumbled upon your blog and website and…thank you. I appreciate what you’re doing and sharing! I

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Good Will Hunting

It’s Not Your Fault

Wise words from Robin Williams (in full Serious Beard Mode) in Good Will Hunting, but just because it’s not your fault, doesn’t mean it’s not

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Don’t Be Redundant

I’ve been noticing an issue lately when editing resumes: redundancy. You’ve got to fit everything on one page. Anything more than that looks ridiculous, especially

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Ageism in Hollywood

Dianne writes in about ageism in Hollywood: Like most people who patrol your site I’m seeking work in the industry. However, I finished college 8

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