Glossary Terms

Base Camp

The gathering of crew and cast trailers, located near the set and/or stage. It’s the central organizing place everything, from people to equipment, that’s not

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Craft Service

A.K.A. “Crafty,” A.K.A. “Snacks.” In the broadest sense, the craft service department is there to help (or “service”) the other “crafts.” Whether that means keeping

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Daily Time Sheet

Each department must report to accounting the hours that each member of their crew worked on each day. This is done via the “daily time

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Day Out of Days

A chart that lists every single cast member, and the days they will be required to be on set. Usually attached to the . Some shows

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Exhibit G

A form required by SAG-AFTRA that must be filled out by every actor at the end of every day. It’s a slightly more detailed that

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First Team

The actors with speaking roles in a given scene, the director, the 1st AD, the cinematographer, and any necessary(ish) producers. These are all people who

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Flat Rate

Being paid a set amount, no matter how many hours you work. Great if you only work seven hours! Terrible if you work fourteen.

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House Lights

The permanent lights that come built into the stage or shooting location. These are almost never on when shooting. They take so long to warm up,

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Also known as a One-Line Schedule. It’s a brief schedule that lays out every scene (one line each) in shooting order. Usually, it’s short and

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Prep Schedule

Prep Schedules generally cover the upcoming week, listing times for important meetings and scouts. It tends to focus on what the prepping director is doing,

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Production Office

The production office is, you guessed it, the office where the production is based. All paperwork goes through here at some point or another. Also,

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Production Report

A production report is exactly what you’d expect— a report on what the production did that day. Usually, it’s filled out by the ADs at

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