Congratulate Me

Today’s post was originally going to include the punchline, “…And then he woke up with a dick in his mouth,” but since I’m the latest

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Cha Cha Cha

I recently heard about a new service, called Cha Cha. It’s pretty cool. Basically, you just call them up, ask a question, and a few

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My New Favorite Blog

I tend to find film criticism either insufferably pedantic, ill informed, or both. I prefer to take my criticism with wit and irony. And possibly

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Weekend Viewing

Unlike most people, I didn’t go to Dark Knight this weekend. I’ve already seen it on a regular screen, and all the Imax screenings were

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Stealing Ideas

Well, I didn’t get to send anyone to the electric chair.  (Or whatever it is they do nowadays.  Hang ’em?  Shoot ’em?  Are we still

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Civic Duty

My posting schedule will be a erratic for a little while, as I will be spending my days sitting in judgment of my fellow man. 

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Incoming Links

Hey, Alex Epstein gave me a link! That’s some quality endorsement.  Besides being full of amazing advice, Alex has a tendency to link to other

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A Derivative Post

John August has another one of his Scene Challenges up. The goal is to write a scene where one character explains to another what investment

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