Fuck Jay Leno

‘s show. From what I’ve heard, he’s a nice guy.  Also, he supported the writers’ strike, and now the guild is screwing with him (which

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Six AM? Really?

Today’s post was going to be about something totally different, until I read this post from the Tightrope Walker blog this weekend. I should start

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Do you ever have a very clear idea of who a person is, only to have that perception dashed by someone else’s viewpoint? I’m not

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A Moral Quandry

A conundrum, if you will. Today, I overheard the showrunner talking to some other person who gets paid enough to not know my name: “I

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I believe in luck, but not in the way people usually mean it. I don’t believe luck determines whether or not you’ll be successful. I

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Really Writing

I walked into the writers’ office yesterday and saw a ping pong ball and two paddles sitting on the assistant’s desk. I paused, staring at

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