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Foreign Experience

Max writes: I work as an office PA in Malta, which has a small but steadily growing film industry largely based on foreign films shooting

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Pet Peeve

Scripts change in TV. They change a lot. The first draft distributed to department heads is usually just a rough guide. You know, so location

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Time Lords

When you work in Hollywood, whether in features or TV, your time is not your own. For starters, a normal day is twelve hours.  And

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Simple Etiquette

First of all, let me apologize for not posting in a while. Rexwas almost right. Nobody’s found out that I write this blog, but that’s

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No Jerks

Yesterday, Desiree said: His outburst was cocky and out of the map. But when you say “astonishingly, this outburst did not get the operator fired”

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There’s a curious inconsistency I’ve noticed in the way film industry address each other. No one is ever called “Mr. Spielberg,” or “Ms. Ephron.”  It’s

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David wrote in about a subject everyone in the industry can relate to.  He was making small talk with a clerk at an oil change

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After working in low budget film for a number of years, I started running into people I’d worked with before. At a certain point, I

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What’s in a Name?

For tax reasons that I don’t really understand, studios generally create limited liability corporations for each individual film and TV show they make. Often, these

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On Screen

(First, I’d like to point you to an amusing post on Amanda’s website, about how soon you forget what it’s like to be young and

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Really Writing

I walked into the writers’ office yesterday and saw a ping pong ball and two paddles sitting on the assistant’s desk. I paused, staring at

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