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Where’s My Script?

A friend related a story to me recently about a well-known prima donna actor.  Naturally, I loved it. Because it’s hearsay, I probably shouldn’t name

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On Location

I love shooting on location.  Mostly because it’s an excuse to get out of the office.  On my current show, we usually go to nice

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I submitted a script to a screenwriter’s fellowship, and I finally got a response. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the submission

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I mock actors a lot, but sometimes, I really do feel sorry for them. For one thing, it’s the only line of work where age,

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The other day, we had a stunt where a truck was supposed to crash into a tree, flip over on its side, then explode. For

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As much as I love Los Angeles, I truly hate parking in this city. It’s hard to find, and expensive (two things that I suspect

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I believe in luck, but not in the way people usually mean it. I don’t believe luck determines whether or not you’ll be successful. I

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Naming Names

I was walking down the hall at the studio, yesterday (as is my wont to do), when one of our producer/writers came out of the

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Really Writing

I walked into the writers’ office yesterday and saw a ping pong ball and two paddles sitting on the assistant’s desk. I paused, staring at

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