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Do I Stand a Chance?

Miruna writes: In november I’ve quit my job… The main reason I’ve quit my last job is that I desperately want to go back and work

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PA Rate

A reader who didn’t sign her email and has an incomprehensible list of letters and numbers for an address (at, of all domain names)

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Single Parents

Ki recently commented on an older post: I know that PA have long work hours. Do you think that it a single parent could handle

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Lunch “Break”

I’m a people pleaser, which is why ordering lunch is very stressful for me. On most shows, the office will eat off the catering truck,

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Ask Questions

As I’ve said before, I don’t do PA work for the money.  I get paid, sure, but the pay is so ridiculously low that if

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Picky Picky

Whether you’re on set or in the office, lunch is always provided (unless you work on a cheap-ass reality show; then all bets are off).

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Mistakes Will be Made

Yesterday, Shawn commented on a grammatical mistake I made (now corrected): “Kids my age so comfortable and lazy that we can’t even muster the energy

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Holding Back

Many people seem to be under the misapprehension that we in the office like to hold on to things. Several times a day, I get

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