Amazon Rentals

Jamie writes in: I just got a job as a PA (really an unpaid intern) on an independent movie. They put with the production designer

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Taking Advantage

So there you are, working your ass off as a PA, running around and doing ridiculous tasks that you will never be able to properly

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Property Master Jim Falkenstein

Today’s episode features a very enthusiastic prop master, Jim Falkenstein. He talks with TAPA about on-set dressers, brain cheese, unscrupulous prop masters, and Val Kilmer’s

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NYC Vs. Los Angeles

First off, I’d like to congratulate friend-of-the-blog Elana on her newborn.  You can read all about the birth/near-death here.  Also, if you haven’t read her

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What a Waste

Making movies is a wasteful business. Back in the day, nothing was thrown out. You’d see the same Greco-Roman pillar in everything from Ben Hur

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I Want Answers!

In this blog, I generally hold court on the few topics I’m an expert at. I am just a PA, though, and there’s a few

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