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TAPA Meetup in July

It’s July. It’s hot. You need a drink.
So why not come on down to Joxer Daly’s on Sunday, July 20? We can all cool off, relax, and make new friends in the summer heat.
The address is 11168 Washington Blvd Culver … Continue reading

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So You Work at a Studio, But You Want to Work on a Show

Ira1 writes in:
I am currently interning at one of the bigger studios in the industry right now. I was curious, is there anyone who works here (in the offices) that I would be able to network with in hopes of getting … Continue reading

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Where to Network

Last Friday’s post garnered this response:
Truth in @TheAnonymousPA‘s How to Write http://t.co/f4MxgX4i5u – but ends on some truly bad advice.
— Michael Sullivan (@redrighthand) June 20, 2014
@redrighthand curious what the bad advice is. — TAPA (@TheAnonymousPA) June 20, 2014
@TheAnonymousPA To not … Continue reading

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Should You Use LinkedIn?

Kaitlin writes in:
What is your opinion about reaching out to recruiters or HR personnel on LinkedIn?
I have been trying to land a job at a studio or network. I want to work in TV development yet I can never seem … Continue reading

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A Gathering of Production Assistants – June 8

You asked for it, you got it: another TAPA networking event!
This time, based on a reader’s suggestion, we’re meeting up at the Township Saloon.
The address is 6612 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028.

I know what you’re thinking: “Holy shit, that sounds … Continue reading

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How’s My Hosting?

TAPAlooza III: Season of the Witch1 was last night. Considering it was a weeknight at a wine bar, the vibe was a lot different than the last two meet-ups.
The problem with most networking events is that the people who go … Continue reading

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A High Class Problem: How to Choose Between Two Offers

Nick writes in:
I recently was called by a Production Coordinator I’ve worked with previously for an Office PA position on a TV show.  He mentioned the show’s producer/writer was also in need of an assistant, and if I preferred I … Continue reading

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The Next TAPA Meetup Is Happening!

So this is going to be a monthly thing, now. We’ll all get together, get drunk, and complain about how little PAs get paid.
Because I really hate it when groups meet up at the same time at the same place … Continue reading

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How to Schedule a Meeting

After Sunday’s get-together, I received a few emails like the following1–
Hi, APA!
I met a lot of people on Sunday but I don’t know a polite way to continue the connection. Do I just call them out of the blue? Email? … Continue reading

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Time Change for the TAPA Meeting

Quick note: The time for the TAPA get-together this Sunday is now 4:00pm, rather than 2:00pm.

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