Anybody who works on set and who is slightly immature, by which I mean grips, just giggled at the title. You see, channel 1 is

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Good Mornin’

You work strange hours when you’re making a TV show (or a movie, for that matter). You’ll come in at 7:00 one day and 10:30

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Do Your Own Job

The people in charge don’t have any idea what’s going on. They hire people like me, so they don’t have to know. That’s why it

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Small Talk

I just had a bizarre conversation in the office kitchen. I was making some coffee, and someone came in to grab a pop. (Yes, “pop.”

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Learn To Suck.

Those in the art department aren’t the only ones who are required to suck sometimes. In the episode we’re shooting now, there’s a scene where

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Economics 101

Fodd responded to yesterday’s post with this comment: “They are going to do some serious creative accounting at Warner Brother to make it look like

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Nobody Loses Money

A little while ago, I said everyone has two businesses: their business and show business. This doesn’t mean they actually understand the business. Chris Nashawaty

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I Told You Already

Do you ever get this from your boss– “Did you do the this-and-that?” “This is the first I’ve heard about it.” “I told you to

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I’m Important

Everyone thinks their department is the most important. When I was a young loader, the first ACs would constantly tell me about how the film

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