Time Lords

When you work in Hollywood, whether in features or TV, your time is not your own. For starters, a normal day is twelve hours.  And

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I was working on a short film this weekend, and we shot an “intimate scene.”  Basically, the actress was nude.  As is common practice, we

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More About Honorifics

Yesterday’s post generated a surprising number of comments, considering I didn’t once mock the PA Bootcamp. Readers proposed several theories regarding the Sir/Mr. dichotomy, but

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There’s a curious inconsistency I’ve noticed in the way film industry address each other. No one is ever called “Mr. Spielberg,” or “Ms. Ephron.”  It’s

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Feed Me!

There is always food on set. Always. It took some getting used to, for me. My first day on set ever, the AD told me

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David wrote in about a subject everyone in the industry can relate to.  He was making small talk with a clerk at an oil change

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What’s in a Name?

For tax reasons that I don’t really understand, studios generally create limited liability corporations for each individual film and TV show they make. Often, these

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