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The Future of Networking Is Here

People often write in that they’ve just moved to Los Angeles, and they don’t know how to meet people.
Well, first of all, you should come to the TAPA Networking Event this weekend!
But there’s not a TAPArty every weekend, you say? … Continue reading

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What’s the Right Area Code for You?

Will writes in:
I’m new to the area, and want to get a local number before I start sending out resumes for set PA positions. I’m wondering what area code is the best for a PA in the LA area to … Continue reading

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Working in Another State

Reader Amy writes in:
Do you know anything about working on a show in a different state while maintaining permanent residence in Los Angeles? I see posts about people wanting to hire locals but does that mean I have to have … Continue reading

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Where To Live

Nicole writes in:
I am about to relocate to LA after working in film production for 4 years in Austin, TX. I am doing some housing research and had a few questions:
1. Are there any neighborhoods that are more accommodating to … Continue reading

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Should I Mention that I’m Moving?

Mike asks:
In two months I am moving to Los Angeles, and am wondering how to go about mentioning this in my cover letter. Does it just take a sentence or two? I know you’ve stressed being as brief as possible.
As … Continue reading

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Carmageddon came and went and as usual, thing in LA are overhyped. The end of things passed and it didn’t make a difference.
Except that maybe it did…
Driving on the 101 Sunday night, I saw a notifier on the road said … Continue reading

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As everybody probably knows by now, the 405 will start closing at 7:00pm tonight, and will continue to be closed until early Monday morning. People are reacting like it’s the end of the world…
It’s not.
First of all, this is happening … Continue reading

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Beach Party Summer

In honor of Memorial Day:
One of the best things about the entertainment industry being planted in LA is the gorgeous pacific coastline that offers such breathtaking scenery. It’s pretty much an unavoidable filming location. I love the beach (though I … Continue reading

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How to Drive in Los Angeles Part 4: The Dream Master

Ausmax recently commented:
I recently moved to LA myself.  My question on this whole left turn is why aren’t there more left turn arrows?  I can’t figure it out.  If an intersection is busy enough to need a left turn lane, … Continue reading

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Making Friends

Jurebro commented on last week’s post:
You mention that it’s hard to have a girlfriend while a PA because of the hours. Is it generally difficult to maintain relationships of any sort outside of work? I am interested in moving to … Continue reading

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