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What’s the Right Area Code for You?

Will writes in:
I’m new to the area, and want to get a local number before I start sending out resumes for set PA positions. I’m wondering what area code is the best for a PA in the LA area to … Continue reading

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Working in Another State

Reader Amy writes in:
Do you know anything about working on a show in a different state while maintaining permanent residence in Los Angeles? I see posts about people wanting to hire locals but does that mean I have to have … Continue reading

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Where To Live

Nicole writes in:
I am about to relocate to LA after working in film production for 4 years in Austin, TX. I am doing some housing research and had a few questions:
1. Are there any neighborhoods that are more accommodating to … Continue reading

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Should I Mention that I’m Moving?

Mike asks:
In two months I am moving to Los Angeles, and am wondering how to go about mentioning this in my cover letter. Does it just take a sentence or two? I know you’ve stressed being as brief as possible.
As … Continue reading

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Carmageddon came and went and as usual, thing in LA are overhyped. The end of things passed and it didn’t make a difference.
Except that maybe it did…
Driving on the 101 Sunday night, I saw a notifier on the road said … Continue reading

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As everybody probably knows by now, the 405 will start closing at 7:00pm tonight, and will continue to be closed until early Monday morning. People are reacting like it’s the end of the world…
It’s not.
First of all, this is happening … Continue reading

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Beach Party Summer

In honor of Memorial Day:
One of the best things about the entertainment industry being planted in LA is the gorgeous pacific coastline that offers such breathtaking scenery. It’s pretty much an unavoidable filming location. I love the beach (though I … Continue reading

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How to Drive in Los Angeles Part 4: The Dream Master

Ausmax recently commented:
I recently moved to LA myself.  My question on this whole left turn is why aren’t there more left turn arrows?  I can’t figure it out.  If an intersection is busy enough to need a left turn lane, … Continue reading

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Making Friends

Jurebro commented on last week’s post:
You mention that it’s hard to have a girlfriend while a PA because of the hours. Is it generally difficult to maintain relationships of any sort outside of work? I am interested in moving to … Continue reading

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How to Drive in Los Angeles, Part 3: In 2D

Have you ever sat in the left turn lane, waiting for traffic to clear, wondering why sometimes you get a green turn arrow, and sometimes you don’t?  Well, get ready to have your mind blown.
The secret is to not look … Continue reading

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